Cancellation policy




- Each Hotel has its own local Policy Regulations that you should abide by and follow. This policy will be displayed in the detailed information page of the Hotel and in your online reservation. You may only be entitled to amend rooms when you meet all specified conditions in the change/cancellation/return policy of the Hotel that you have booked.

- In case you do not amend the booking successfully and you fail to check in at the time specified in your completed online reservation, you have to make full payment for that booking.



- Applicable only to hotels with the "Guaranteed Refund" line on the website;

- Applicable only to successful bookings, successful bookings will be as from the time you receive the check-in confirmation from a customer service staff member of the by email;

- Complaint information is only addressed by when you notify us by email within 24 hours as from the time you check in;

- Applicable only to hotels on the detailed information pages of the website for complaints about accompanied services;

- You must provide evidence to prove your claim is correct, accurate and legitimate;


- If Hotel does not provide you with a room or inadequate number of rooms in accordance with the booking that you have paid successfully, commit to refund accommodation fees that the Hotel fails to provide or sufficiently provide you and offer you a discount equal to the amount you have paid.

- If Hotel does not provide you with a room type correctly as specified in the booking that you have paid successfully, shall upgrade your room type free of charge or offer you a discount equal to the amount you have paid (depending on your choice).

- If included services (such as breakfast, WI-FI ...) do not match with contents appearing in the booking that you have paid successfully, shall offer you a discount equivalent to 10% of the amount you have paid but not exceeding 500,000 VND.


a. Complaint handling process

- If any of the cases mentioned in Section 2.2 occurs, please call 0944352244 or send an email addressed to reporting about your complaints, by giving your order code. Complaint information shall be addressed by when you call or send an email within 24 hours as from the time you check in. The hotline only operates during office hours.

- Upon receiving your complaint, reserves the right to verify the authenticity and the nature of the complaint. If you fail to provide evidences or verifies that your information is inaccurate, reserves the right to refuse to consider the complaint. In the event of a dispute or conflict between parties, the decision of the is the final decision on the complaint.

- Complaint processing will take no longer than three working days on receipt of your complaint.

b. Refunds and coupons or discount codes

- a decision will be made and refunds implemented within three working days from the date confirms the complaint handling result.

- Regulations on coupons and/or discount codes:

+ Discount code is sent to you by email;

+ Discount code can only be used once, not be exchanged for cash, not be applicable during public holidays, and not be valid in conjunction with any other promotions;

+ Expiration date of the discount code is included in the email;

+ If your order is canceled, the discount code will be non-refundable.


- disclaims any liability in the event of any breach of laws and regulations.

- is not liable or responsible for any consequential, incidental, or indirect damages.

- In all cases, compensation liability of the does not exceed the total amount you have paid for the successful room reservation violated.



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